Key points for office moves within a department


All space moves within a department require dean/division leader approval. 

Key points for office moves within a department: 

  1. Submit a Facilities work request ticket for a walk-through consultation at least two weeks in advance of a move.  This allows Facilities to align current/impending work requests and respond to questions. For example, if a room is currently vacant, it might be the ideal time to repaint it or to give it a deep cleaning prior to the move.   

  1. Typically, furniture will stay in the original room and in the original configuration. Desk chairs will sometimes move with the person if need based. People and items are the most common things that move. 

  1. If moving within a building, occupants are typically expected to move their own items. 

  1. Moving is a good time to purge physical files.  Please follow the SCSU Data Privacy & Data Practices Procedure as well as applicable SCSU Records Retention schedules. If you have a lot of items to shred, submit a Facilities request for temporary use of a large locked shredder bin. We can also provide temporary use of large trash or recycling bins for files that do not contain confidential information. 

  1. Facilities Management does not stock moving boxes; most departments are able to locate enough boxes on their own. 

  1. Submit Facilities work request tickets for items where assistance is needed, for example: attaching items to walls. 

  1. See the “Signage” knowledge base article for additional information on room sign changes. 

  1. If a room has been out of use for a while, submit a Facilities work order stating that “Room ### will now be in use, please add it to the cleaning schedule” 

  1. ITS moves computers, technology, and phones, and requires advanced coordination.  Submit a ticket via the following link:  

  1. Key requests are handled by Public Safety. Complete a key request via the following link:  

  1. Contact Human Resources at 320-308-3203 to update your information in the University Directory and the Global Address List. 

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