Who should I contact for questions about use of artificial intelligence at SCSU?


Who should I contact for questions about use of artificial intelligence at SCSU?


Faculty and staff: 

For general questions about artificial intelligence (AI) and use of AI, faculty and staff may contact SCSU Online. These inquiries will be primarily fielded by: 

  • Chris Stanley, Director of Educational Technology Innovations & IT Finance 
  • Dave Blanchard, Director of SCSU Online and Distance Learning
  • Janet Tilsta, Faculty and CETL Director

For specific issues that arise with the use of AI, including but not limited to an issue with student use of AI on an assignment, faculty/staff should consult University policy and/or their Dean/supervisor for guidance. 



Students should contact their instructors on the use of AI as expectations will vary per course and per assignment. If issues arise, students should contact the instructor. Students may contact the Dean of that school/college or the Dean of Students if further escalation is needed.




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