How to log into SimpleLists (Email Distribution Lists) and manage your lists


How to log in and navigate SimpleLists for your group list members.

Training video on how to add/remove members


  • Go to
  • Log in (this login format is what your admin/lists are attached to)
    • StarID password
      • If you are a member of a list and somehow have gotten logged in with your email address (firstname.lastname or other format)  vs your you will see in the address bar and will NOT see your admin area.
        • A lot of times a cookie is cached in your browser
        • Unless you would like to delete history to access the admin a workaround is
          • OPEN a private browsing window or incognito window. Then you will be able to successfully log in using your
  • Click on Manage Lists from the left navigation bar
    • Locate the list you need to add/remove members from ( depending on how many lists you manage, you will need to scroll to locate the one needed)
  • To add members:
    • Click on Members under Action on the right side of the page
      • Click on Add
        • Select from the following-
          • Add a new member:
            • Type in the First/Last Name
            • Enter the email address of the member
            • A Note if you choose
            • Click Update
          • Add many members :
            •  Please enter email addresses (and optionally names) below, split with spaces, commas or carriage returns. It is recommended that text is copied and pasted into the box. If manually entering addresses the Add Member menu should be used. Any email addresses that already exist will be updated.
              • Click Add when done
          • Upload file: 
            • Click Submit when done
  • To Remove Members:
    • Select the members from the list by clicking on the left box
    • Click Remove Members when done

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