How to Log into Office 365


How to access Office 365



How to Log into Office 365


Note: If you are logging in via myHuskyNet, follow step 1. If you are on (Office 365 log in page), go to step 3.

  • Go to myHuskyNet. Scroll down the page until you see Services as below. 
  • Click on Email 

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  • Login with your StarID and password. 


  • Click on email under services after you are logged in. 


  • If you have trouble signing in - and there is a window where you can pick an account that's incorrect, you can remove it by clicking the three vertical dots and then selecting Forget. You will then be able to type the correct username (below).


  • Enter your Office 365 Login


  • Employees/Emeriti:  


  • Students:   


  • When prompted, enter your StarID password, then click Sign In.


  • Click the Outlook Icon.










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