Upload files to Minnesota State’s Kaltura MediaSpace


How to upload files to Kaltura MediaSpace




Kaltura media allows you to create, upload, and publish live and on demand videos for your courses.




  1. Go to MediaSpace and sign in using your StarID and password.
  2. Click on the Add New tab and choose Media Upload.



  1. Click Choose a file to upload, locate your presentation file, and click Open, or drag and drop a video file in the indicated area. Your video be uploaded.
  • All common video, audio and image formats in all resolutions are accepted.
  1.  In the Name (Required) field, title your presentation using your “full name-Presentation
  • You do not need to fill in the Description, Tags, or Co-Editors/Co-Publishers fields. 
  1. Make sure that the radio button next to “Unlisted” is selected (not Private or Published). Do not change this setting.
  2. Click Save. At the top of the page, you should see a notification that your changes have been saved
  3. Your presentation is now uploaded and saved in your MediaSpace account. To verify, click on the drop down arrow next to your name and select “My Media.” 
  4. You should see your video with the word “UNLISTED.”





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