Withdrawing from a Course and Financial Aid


Financial impact of course withdrawals and your financial aid eligibility



Withdrawing from a course and financial aid 


What happens with my financial aid if I withdraw from a course? 


Depending on when you withdraw from a course, your financial aid may or may not be impacted. 

  • In general, a partial withdrawal will not impact your financial aid. You will receive a "W" grade and will be financially obligated to pay for the course. If your aid has already applied to your account, it would have paid for the course. NOTE: If your withdrawal from a course puts you below half-time (6 credits) and you have a federal loan, you will enter your grace period or repayment if you have previously used your grace period. 

  • If you have a total withdraw from all of your courses, you may not have earned all of your financial aid and may be obligated to return any unearned aid. See TOTAL Withdrawal. 

Over time, withdrawing from courses may negatively affect your satisfactory academic progress, which can negatively impact your financial aid eligibility in future semesters. For details on the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy, see Policies and Guidelines


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