Submitting your Application Materials


When should I submit my application?



My transcripts, recommendation forms, and test scores are not ready.  Should I wait to submit my application?


Do not wait to submit your application, and follow these tips to ensure timely submission of your application:

  1. Download unofficial copies of your transcripts from your student portal, if possible, and upload those documents with your application.
  2. Submit your recommenders contact information as soon as you start your application. Once entered, the system will automatically contact them even before you submit your application.
  3. Access unofficial test scores, such as GRE/GMAT, English Proficiency, etc. and upload in the documents section of the application.

If these documents are still inaccessible, submit your application and we will hold for review until each item is received and completed. Bookmark your personal URL at and email to see our application checklist to monitor your status.

Still need help? Please contact the Graduate Studies office.Submit a request for help






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