Office Move Request


  • Request office furniture and/or filing cabinets be moved within a space or to a different space.
  • Requests to move filing cabinets or other office furniture from one location to another will be granted at the discretion of Building Services.
  • Individuals need supervisor approval and Human Resources must be notified of the office change. 
  • Faculty, staff and administrators are eligible to request this service with prior supervisor approval. 

Prior to an Office Move

  • Filing cabinets must be emptied prior to the scheduled time of the filing cabinet move. 
  • Desks must be cleared of all personal items.


  • Promotes the most effective use of space
  • Ensures furniture is moved in a safe and effective manner


Request Service


Service ID: 51297
Mon 5/16/22 9:33 AM
Tue 2/28/23 1:18 PM