Connecting to SCSU Public WiFi on Mac



SCSU's Public Wifi is available to the general public.

Typically, the types of users who utilize this service are:

1.      Community patrons

2.      Prospective students and parents

3.      Students visiting from other universities

4.      People visiting campus from other organizations



  1. Locate your WiFi connections
  2. Select SCSU_Public from the list
  3. Click on this network and then click the "Connect" button. You will be presented with one of the two following screens:
    • If your device supports Enhanced Open you will be presented with a different splash page, showing this is a Secure network.

      • Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
    • If it does not support Enhanced Open you will see the Unsecured network message

      • Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

        **If you can not connect to SCSU Public at all, please forget the network and try reconnecting**

  1. Enter your First and Last name in the fields and click I accept.

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