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How do I log in as a student or as an alumni into Handshake?


All current students have accounts in Handshake set up for them! Alumni will have access to Handshake as long as they want.
Students and alumni may log in to Handshake or the Handshake app the following ways:
  1. School Username/Login - This would be your Star ID (ex: aa1234bb) and your Star ID password, just like you would log into e-services or D2L.
  2. Email address - This would be your SCSU email address that ends in @go.stcloudstate.edu. Don't know your email address?
If your StarID or your SCSU email address doesn't work, email us at careercenter@stcloudstate.edu and include your Star ID, SCSU email address and complete name.

As an alumni, you probably already have an account in Handshake from when you were a student. Email us at careercenter@stcloudstate.edu with your Star ID or Student ID, Name, email address, year graduated and your major/program and we can take a look to help you get logged in! If you don't have an account, we can create one for you.


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