Connecting to HuskyNetSecure WiFi on an Android device


How to connect to HuskyNetSecure with an Android device




This page is used to setup WiFi on an Android based device. If you wish to remove a WiFi connection/profile, please use the following link: How to Forget a Wireless Network .



Connect to HuskyNetSecure Wi-Fi on Android

  1. Start by tapping on your "Settings" App.
  2. Then tap on "Network & Internet".
  3. Then select "Wi-Fi"
  4. Tap on "Huskynet Secure"
  5. Here, things get specific to the device's model.
    1. The EAP Method should be PEAP.
    2. The phase 2 authentication should be MSCHAPV2 (if you cannot see this setting please click advanced).
    3. The CA certificate should be set to do not validate. If you need to specify a CA Certificate, Use system certificates.
    4. Use as the domain.
    5. In the identity field, enter your StarID.
    6. Leave Anonymous Identity blank.
    7. Use your StarID Password in the password field​​​​​​.

After finishing the above steps, you should be connected to the network. 

* If you have a randomized MAC address selected, you will have issues connecting. Please select “Use Phone/Device MAC”





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