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  • St. Cloud State University offers a variety of ways you can connect your computer to the network and technology features from on and off-campus.

Ethernet (Wired access)

  • St. Cloud State has several hundred wired access plug-ins, also called open data jacks, which provide campus laptop users with the ability to plug in and use SCSU network resources and the Internet.
  • Network jacks are used to provide an Internet connection via Ethernet cable.
  • Every jack on campus should be marked with an identification number. This information is useful when submitting a service request. If you cannot see the network jack, please provide your building and office number. 
  • Funding for new network jacks is provided by each department. Please provide a cost center to use for the expense. 

WiFi (Wireless access)

HuskyNet Secure

  • The HuskyNet Secure wireless network covers every building on campus, including residence halls.
  • Campus buildings are in the process of being upgraded from 802.11n to 802.11ac wireless connectivity. This upgrade will offer the campus community:
    • faster speeds
    • the ability for more devices to connect without impacting performance
    • better connection reliability
    • improved battery life of 802.11ac enable devices
    • To connect, you must:
    • be in a wireless-enabled facility
    • be a current student, faculty or staff member at St. Cloud State with a valid StarID and password
    • have a compatible wireless network adapter supporting 802.11a, 802.11g, 802.11n or 802.11ac


  • eduroam is a Wi-Fi network at St. Cloud State University and many other universities in the United States and abroad. St. Cloud State students, faculty and staff can use it on most other Minnesota State campuses and many campuses across the nation using their StarID and password. 
  • Visitors from other eduroam-participating colleges and universities can access eduroam at St. Cloud State using the usernames and passwords from their home institutions.
  • Before traveling to another eduroam-participating institution, we recommend signing onto eduroam at your home campus with each device you will be using, to be sure everything works.
  • St. Cloud State faculty, staff and students should continue to use HuskyNet Secure while on campus. If you have recently visited another institution, used eduroam, and are now having trouble accessing resources on our campus make sure that you are connected to HuskyNet Secure and not eduroam.

SCSU Gadgets

  • For devices that do not support the HuskyNet Secure network, they may be able to connect using the scsugadgets network.
  • Network Device Registration needs to be completed to connect to this network.

SCSU Public (Public WiFi)

  • The SCSU_Public network is available to all St. Cloud State visitors to access the Internet while on-campus, including St. Cloud State at Plymouth, Alnwick and the Minnesota Highway Safety Research Center. Visitors may use this network at no charge by entering their first and last name. This network is rate-limited and does not have access to campus resources.


  • Ethernet connection is a more secure way of accessing the Internet on campus.
  • Generally provides a more reliable connection than wireless.


  • Other devices can cause interference that can affect your wireless signal. Common devices include microwave ovens, cordless phones, Bluetooth devices (cell phones, mice, etc.), fluorescent lights, and other wireless networks and devices (video game controllers, keyboards, mice, etc.). Simply moving these items around a room could help improve your signal.
  • If you find that your wifi signal on campus is still unsatisfactory, you can report weak coverage.
  • Do you have other questions? Find technology assistance and answers in our Knowledge Base.


  • Available to faculty and staff.
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