Remaining Work Award Amount


Knowing how much is left on your work award and work authorization.



Your work award is determined by the number of hours the hiring department indicates on your Notification of Hiring (NOH) form, your hourly pay rate, and your financial aid eligibility (work study-funded positions only). Each time you submit hours and are paid, this reduces the remaining amount on your work authorization and work award. 


How much money is left on my work award?


You and your department supervisor should be closely monitoring this as the work award amount is limited to a set dollar amount.

In your e-timesheet in your student e-Services, click on the "View Position Detail" button to see what you have earned and the remaining balance of your work award. A warning is also listed on your work authorization in the e-time reporting system when you are getting close to the limit of your work authorization.

If you are reaching the limit of your work authorization, talk to your supervisor and the SCSU Financial Aid Office to see if your work authorization and work award amounts might be increased. 


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