Open and use a Shared Mailbox in Outlook Application (Android)


How to open and use a Shared Mailbox in the Outlook App for Android?



1. In the Outlook App, tap on the 3 vertical lines in the top left corner.

2. A menu will appear, select the Settings icon (looks like a cog-wheel) at the bottom.

3. On the Settings screen, choose Add Account, then choose Add an Email Account. 

4. Enter the name of the Shared Mailbox (example:, then click continue.

This will take you to an office 365 login screen asking for a password. Since it is a shared mailbox and you most likely do not have a password, click the back arrow on your phone.

5. A new screen will appear called Choose Account Type. Select IMAP  

6. Turn on the switch for Advanced Settings and enter the following information:

  •  Email Address:
  • Password:  YOUR StarID account password
  • Display Name: what you want the mailbox to be called
  • IMAP Hostname:
  • IMAP Username: (your_primary_account)
  • IMAP Password: YOUR StarID account password
  • SMTP Hostname:
  • SMTP Username: (your_primary_account)


Once you have successfully entered the information please hit the checkmark. If done correctly it will go to a screen showing your email accounts.




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