HuskyTech Services


HuskyTech is the technical support center for St.Cloud State University students, faculty, and staff.  HuskyTech consultants are trained and ready to assist computer users of all levels, from beginner to advanced, both on and off campus.


What types of services does HuskyTech provide?


If you need assistance, you can stop in on the main floor of the Miller Center in room 102. Feel free to call us at 320-308-7000 or Chat with any of our experts during business hours.

HuskyTech can assist you with:

  • Campus Card
  • Activating your StarID (username)
  • Accessing your email, D2L Brightspace, FileSpace and myHuskyNet
  • Configuring your mobile device for HuskyNet Wireless
  • Register your SmartTV, gaming console, or other devices for network access.
  • Installing software (including Microsoft Office and antivirus software)
  • Removing malware and viruses from your computer
  • Recovering lost or corrupted files
  • Utilizing the equipment in the electronic classrooms


HuskyTech Calling Tree

When you call 320-308-7000, you will have the following options: 

Students and Emeriti, Press 1

  • For issues with Account, Email, D2L, classroom or lab support – Press 1
  • For HuskyTech sales and campus card questions – Press 2
  • For personal computer repairs – Press - 3
  • For all other issues – Press 9
  • To return to the main menu, press 0

Current Employees, Press 2

  • For issues with Electronic Classrooms – Press 1
  • For issues with Accounts, Email, or D2L – Press 2
  • For state-owned computer support – press 3
  • For privately-owned computer support press 4
  • For HuskyTech sales and campus card questions - Press 5
  • For all other issues – Press 6
  • To return to the main menu, press 0








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