Fix Use Temporary Mailbox Issue - Windows


How to fix the Use Temporary Mailbox Issue on Outlook



1. If you are being prompted with a message indicating 'Your mailbox has been temporarily moved', with an option of 'Use Temporary Mailbox', click 'Cancel' each time you receive the prompt, and close 'Outlook'.

2. Begin by restarting your computer. If there is an option to 'Update and restart', choose it to install your pending updates. 

To restart: Click Start (Windows button) > Power Button > Restart or Update and Restart.

3. When your computer has restarted and you are logged back in, open the 'Control Panel'. 'Control Panel' can be found by searching for it by clicking the magnifying glass in the task bar and then typing 'Control Panel' and hitting, 'Enter'.        

4. When the 'Control Panel' is open, Click on 'Search Control Panel' on the top right side of the window and search for 'Mail'. Then click on 'Mail (32-bit)'.

5. Click on the 'Show Profiles' button.

6. Click the 'Remove' button until all listed profiles are removed.

7. When prompted with 'Careful, if you remove this profile…', click on 'Yes'.

8. Repeat this process until all profiles are removed, then click 'OK'.

9. Next, open 'Outlook'.

10. On the 'Welcome to Outlook' screen, click 'Next'. 

11. In the Microsoft Outlook Account Setup screen click 'yes' when asked 'Do you want to set up Outlook to connect to an email account.'

12. On the Add Account screen click 'Next'.

13. You may be prompted to enter your password for your previous account. Click on 'Sign in with another account'. 

14. When prompted for an email address, enter your new username, then click 'next'.



*If you are both an employee and a student, set up your primary email account first. You can then add the other email account later.


15. Enter your password, then click 'Sign in'. 

16. When Outlook completes setup for your account click 'Finish'. 


Outlook will open and begin downloading your mail and folders. This process can take a while if you have a significant amount of email. You can see your synchronization status in the bottom bar of Outlook. 

Note: We suggest letting outlook finish its initial download of mail before exiting. (You can minimize the window and continue using your machine while you wait.)




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