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Outlook Web Application & Mail Client


Unable to Send or Receive Email Errors


When connecting a mail client, a mobile device, OWA (Outlook Web App) to SCSU email account, please consider the following:

 1. Changed StarID password recently?

  • If the StarID password was changed recently, please update the mail client's stored password to reflect that change.
  • The mail client saves your password automatically once you have entered it. This causes your old password to be saved on your phone which does not allow new emails to sync when you reset your password. When you open your mail app, it usually prompts you to enter the new password but if it doesn't, do not forget to change it yourself under your account settings. 
  • Old password will appear as the wrong password (i.e. not the new password) to email.
  • Web browsers frequently cache, or save a password, please clear browser cache and enter your new password again if it does not allow you to log in. 

2. Was SCSU email successfully functioning previously?

  • If email never functioned properly, then mail client may be improperly configured.
  • Ensure that the StarID credentials are current and not encountering account issues.     

3. Is your SCSU mail box full?

  • Faculty/Staff/Students have a default quota of 50 GB.
  • If quota exceeds 50 GB, then HuskyNet email will be unable to send or receive emails.
  • Delete old or unwanted messages (empty mail box's trash, because even the trash's contents count toward the limit) to receive new messages.

 4. Username format is always your full St.Cloud State University email address. 




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