Microsoft Authenticator App Installation Process for iPhone



If you haven't yet gone through the beginning set up of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) on your Office365 account or you are unfamiliar with MFA practices in general and would like to know more, Please visit the parent page: Setting up Multi-Factor Authentication with Office365



1. On your iPhone, navigate to the App Store.

2. Tap the search tab in the bottom right and type Microsoft Authenticator.

3. Tap Get on the Microsoft Authentication tile.

4. Now you must sign in to the App Store with your fingerprint or Apple ID password.

***To finish up the setup process, refer to Mobile App step 2a  on the Setting Up Multi-Factor Authentication with Office365 article. 

Known Issues

If your phone puts the Microsoft Authenticator app into Battery save mode, (that means it won’t be running in the background) the app may not prompt you for an ‘approve’ or ‘deny’ access. You may need to have the app open to receive the prompts or open the app and click on the code. (This is applicable on both iPhone and Android)




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