Password-less Authentication for Office 365 and Other Online Services


Password-less authentication uses number matching in the Microsoft Authenticator App to allow MFA-enabled users to log into Office 365 and other online services without entering a password. When going through the authentication process, you will be presented with a number that must be entered in the Authenticator app to complete the authentication. 

The extra step of number matching helps ensure that the person requesting access into an account is the same person approving the sign-in on a device. Without number matching, a bad actor who has obtained someone’s login credentials could attempt to log in, sending a prompt to the victim to approve the sign-in request. If the victim inadvertently approves the request, the bad actor can gain access into the victim’s account.

You can use number-matching for several online services at St. Cloud State by enabling password-less authentication on the Microsoft Authenticator application: 

  • Academic Works (Huskies Scholarships)
  • Atrium (campus card  vendor)
  • Audience View (Athletics ticketing)
  • AWS
  • BPLogix
  • InPlace
  • Instant ID (campus card vendor)
  • JamfConnect
  • LastPass
  • Maxient
  • MiniTab
  • Office 365
  • Perspective
  • PointNClick (Health Services EHR)
  • ProofPoint
  • Simplicity
  • Team Dynamix
  • Valt
  • Vector Solutions (aka EverFI)
  • WiseHive (Sponsored Programs)
  • WordPress (University Communications)
  • Zsclare Two

Visual example of number matching: 

Login screen: 


Microsoft Authenticator screen: 



Register for password-less authentication by using the following steps, if you already have the Microsoft Authenticator App installed skip to step 5:

1. Browse to

2. Sign in, then click Add sign-in method > Authenticator app > Add to add the Authenticator app.

3. Follow the instructions to install and configure the Microsoft Authenticator app on your device.

4. Select Done to complete Authenticator app configuration.

5. In the Microsoft Authenticator app, choose Set up phone sign-in from the drop-down menu of your MNSCU account.

6. Follow the instructions in the app to finish registering your account and device for password-less phone sign-in.

Additional information can be found in Microsoft’s documentation website (


If you need any assistance enrolling in password-less authentication, please submit a request for help below. 







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