How to use MobilePrint Center



HuskyPrint has gone Mobile and you are now able to use Mobile Print as an option.

You are able to print from home, but you still need to come to campus to pick up the print job. 

The way this works is that you will be able to either upload or email your documents from a mobile device (mobile phones, tablets & laptops) to the campus printing queue via the web portal below. (No longer do we need to map printers to our devices so long as what you need to print fits the list of supported documents. If file type is outside of supported docs, please map printer to your device)


If needed, you can delete jobs from the printqueue here, however this is not required as the jobs will disappear after 15m if not printed. 

Supported Documents

  • Microsoft
    • Word
    • Excel
    • PowerPoint
    • Visio
  • PDF
  • Text
    • txt
    • rtf
    • csv
  • Images
    • jpg
    • gif
    • png
    • tiff




Can I use HuskyPrint from my mobile device or from my personal laptop?




  1. Navigate to
  2. Log into the Print Center Web site with your StarID and Password.
    • As a student your Campus Card Print Funds are Displayed at the bottom of the screen, Use this to verify the cost of your print job.
  3. From here you can:
    • Upload a document
  4. The defaults are single copy, double sided, black & white but you can specify from the Print Center:
    • Black & White or Color printing
    • Single or Double Sided
    • Pages per side
    • Number of copies and Page Ranges
  5. To pick up your document
    1. Go to any Print Release Station on campus
    2. Note: Print jobs will only be available for release for a 2-hour period.
  6. Log into the Print Release Station and swipe your Campus Card.
  7. Select the document.
  8. Click Print.