Web Pages are Not Displaying Correctly



Why doesn't my web page display correctly? How can I fix my Internet browser?



A web browser is a software application which enables a user to display and interact with text, images, videos, music and other information typically located on a Web page at a website. Popular examples include Edge, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

Things to try:
Many issues with web sites, including issues with myHuskyNet, can be resolved by either closing the web browser and trying again, using a different web browser or by clearing the cache on your current web browser. You should periodically clear the cache to allow your browser to function more efficiently. If you do not know how to clear your cache please do a web search for your particular web browser for steps to clear the cache as each browser's configuration is different. Another common failure point is if you have a pop-up blocker enabled and the website uses secondary windows to work. For example, you need to disable pop-up blockers on MyMathLab for the website to work correctly.