Getting IT Help Through TeamDynamix


In December 2020, St. Cloud State University moved their Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) service to a new provider, TeamDynamix. 


How do I get IT help through St. Cloud State University's TeamDynamix service?


St. Cloud State University's TeamDynamix service offers multiple features to get connect you to IT information, instructions and assistance. 

  • The TeamDynamix-hosted Knowledge Base is SCSU's new searchable article database tool. The Knowledge Base includes a Technology section packed full of instructions, tips and tricks to provide our campus community with online IT resources 24/7. 
  • If you cannot find the information you need in the Knowledge Base, or if something is broken, request IT assistance by submitting an IT support request or using the live chat
  • The Service Catalog provides an overview of the IT services available to our campus community. When you click into a service, you can see the service details and see the steps to request that service. 





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