Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal


Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal for Financial Aid


If you have experienced extenuating circumstances that caused you to be out of compliance with the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy for financial aid, you have the option to file an appeal. All appeals must include written supporting documentation of the extenuating circumstance. 

To submit an appeal for financial aid only* 

Step 1: Make sure that you are logged into your Office365 with your account and StarID password.

Step 2: Access the Appeal form:

Step 3: If you have received an academic administrative appeal approval or you are returning to SCSU after sitting out your suspension, you only need to complete a financial aid appeal. Once logged into the appeal form, you will check the box “to have this appeal shared with the Financial Aid Office…” and then the second line will appear. Check the box in front of “I would like to submit a Financial Aid Only appeal” (see below).

*Please note: If you need to appeal both your academic and financial aid suspensions, do not check the second box.

Additional information about filing a SAP appeal and using the secure uploader  is available.


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