Returning to SCSU from Academic Suspension


If I am suspended, how do I get back into St. Cloud State University?


There are three options for returning to St. Cloud State University following academic suspension:

  1. You file a successful appeal. (Please see original email you received for time sensitive instructions.)
  2. If you do not appeal your suspension or your appeal is denied, you are required to sit out one semester if it is your first suspension and for one year for any subsequent suspension. When you are ready to return, please contact the Academic Appeals and Probation Office at (320) 308-5910 or to schedule your appointment to complete an academic success plan.  Please schedule your appointment by December 1st if returning for the spring semester and August 1st if returning for the fall semester.  Students returning from suspension are not allowed to return for the summer term(s).
  3. IIf this is your second suspension (one year), after completing one semester of the suspension, you may submit an appeal to the Faculty Academic Affairs Committee for consideration for readmission for the next semester. Please contact the Academic Appeals and Probation Office, (320) 308-4913, or at, midway through your first semester of suspension for more information.

Note: ***Note: The forms, process, circumstances, and deadline for option 3 are different than those for options 1 and 2.  You must contact the Academic Appeals and Probation Office for next steps. If your early readmission appeal  is denied, you must sit out the second semester. Please refer to #2 above for information on returning to SCSU. 


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