What will life with Workday be like starting July 2024?


The Integrated Statewide Records System (ISRS) is the current cornerstone data system used to perform financehuman resources and student-related services across the Minnesota State system, including St. Cloud State. However, Minnesota State is in the process of transitioning to Workday, a cloud-based system with an intuitive interface and mobile capabilities that encourages collaboration and will evolve in the years to come through regular updates. Workday will be implemented in two phases, the first will include finance and human capital management (HR-related processes), which will go live in July 2024. This change will affect all employees, especially those who currently interact with HR and finance-related processes in ISRS currently. 


What will life with Workday be like starting July 2024? 


Everyone's experience will be different, of course. For some employees, the day-to-day impact will be small, such as changing how you submit a request for time-off and view your personal information. For some, especially those in HR and Business Services, it will change how you complete many of your regular business processes and may be a significant change. 

We recommend checking out Minnesota State's Passport to Success: An Onboarding Guide to Workday. This guide offers a lot of information about what to expect when Workday is in place including: 

  • What is Workday and How Will I Access It? 
  • What's Moving to Workday? 
  • How to Speak Workday 
  • Workday Functions and Features 
  • Workday Training Program 
  • Living in an ISRS + Workday World 
  • What Will I Do in Workday on Day 1? 
  • On-Going Support After Go-Live




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