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Steps employees and supervisors should take on their first day using Workday on or after July 1, 2024.
Information about time entry for the July 4, 2024, holiday occurring shortly after the Workday Go Live in July 2024.
Describes the process for employees (except IFO and MCSF) to enter timesheets in Workday as of July 3, 2024.
Instructions on how employees can request a schedule change and how supervisors can assign a different schedule to employees in Workday.
Describes where employees can access training materials, including instructional guides, recordings of live training sessions, computer-based training courses and more.
Contact the Local NextGen Transition Management Team at or by submitting a ticket.
Information about what processes are changing and how employees may be impacted based upon their role(s) when Workday goes live in July 2024.
How to access the Workday User Practice Tenant and important information about the practice tenant.
Updates about Workday Student, a future phase of the Minnesota State NextGen project.
Student employees will not be affected by the July 2024 Workday implementation. This includes no changes to their timesheet processes, nor do they need to complete Workday training at this time.