My schedule in Workday is wrong, how can I fix this?


My schedule in Workday is wrong, how can I fix this? 


All full time staff will automatically be assigned a schedule of Monday-Friday, 8:00am-4:30pm, when Workday goes live on July 1. If this schedule does not match your current schedule, a new Workday schedule will need to be entered. This can be done either by an employee requesting a schedule in Workday followed by their supervisor approving the schedule, or by a supervisor assigning a custom schedule for an employee. Current schedules can be approved or assigned by the supervisor, however, anything different from the current schedule must be discussed with HR first, as there may be contractual impacts to this, including mandated notice times.

Employee Instructions for Requesting a Schedule:

  1. In the Workday search tool, type "Request Work Schedule”. 
  2. The Request Work Schedule task should appear. Click on Request Work Schedule, and a new tab should open to request a new work schedule.
  3. On the Request Work Schedule tab:
    1. Enter a start date;
    2. If applicable, enter an end date;
    3. In the Work Schedule Calendar section, use the All Work Schedule Calendars to find and select the appropriate work schedule;
    4. Select OK to submit the schedule change request to your supervisor. 
  4. Supervisor should receive a notification of the request.
  5. Supervisor will need to approve the schedule. 

Supervisor Instructions for Assigning a Custom Schedule in Workday:

  1. In the Workday search tool, type "Assign Custom Work Schedule”. 
  2. The Assign Custom Work Schedule task should appear. Click on Assign Custom Work Schedule, and a pop-up should open to create a work schedule.
  3. On the Assign Custom Work Schedule pop-up:
    1. Enter the Worker you are assigning a custom work schedule to;
    2. Enter a start date;
    3. If applicable, enter an end date;
    4. Select your preference for creating the employee's schedule from the options provided (e.g. start from current schedule, start from blank schedule, etc.) and complete the steps prompted. Be sure to select OK when you have created the current schedule for the employee. 
  4. Select OK on the Assign Custom Work Schedule pop-up to assign the schedule.
  5. The employee should receive a notification that their schedule has been changed.

More detailed instructions are available on Minnesota State's Workday Training Connect site including:



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