Connecting to SCSU Public WiFi on Windows 10


How to connect o SCSU's Public Wi-Fi



 SCSU's Public Wifi is available to the general public.


Typically, the types of users who utilize this service are:

1.   Community patrons

2.   Prospective students and parents

3.   Students visiting from other universities

4.   People visiting campus from other organizations 



  1.  Locate the Network Connections Icon. This is located on the far right side of the taskbar.
    • Note: the Icon will look different depending on your current connection status.
  2. Click the Network Connections icon and browse the list of available WiFi Networks until you spot "SCSU_Public".
  3. Click on this network and then click the "Connect" button. You will be presented with one of the two following screens:
    • If your device supports Enhanced Open you will be presented with a different splash page, showing this is a Secure network.

      • Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
    • If it does not support Enhanced Open you will see the Unsecured network message

      • Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

        **If you can not connect to SCSU Public at all, please forget the network and try reconnecting**

    1. Within a few moments of clicking Connect, your default Internet browser will open and display a page stating that "You must log in to the network..."
  4. From the firefox browser, you will need to click the "Open Network Login Page" button as shown below.



If you do not get the splash screen with Google Chrome or Firefox:

  •  Open Internet Explorer and a page will open that is identical to the "Welcome to SCSU_Public
    • From here you will be redirected to the SCSU_Public portal and "Terms Of Use" page.
    • Please read through the terms of use and then put a checkmark in the box by clicking on it.
    • After that, click the "Connect" button and you should be all set!





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