Install Software on a Windows State-Owned Device


Software Center on Windows 10




This is a quick run down on how to install software on your state owned Windows based devices.




Access the Software Center, click on the Start button in the lower left.

  On Windows 8 and up, you can simply search for Software Center


1. This will open up the Software Center and show you what packages or patches are available. In this example we will be installing Google Chrome.

2. Click on the package you want to install to be brought into the installation screen as shown here for our Google Chrome example


3. You can either click on Install to install now or Schedule to choose a better time to install as shown here  

4. To check your installation process you can select Installation Status to view what's currently installed on your computer.



IMPORTANT! Please, INSTALL ONLY the software you intend to use or would like to experiment/practice with as the software packages require storage on the local hard drive and could potentially fill up the drive. Also, the added installed applications will decrease the overall performance of your computer.

It is also recommended that some default settings in the Options Menu be changed:

  1. Click Options on the bottom of the left-hand side column.
  2. Under Work Information we are recommending that the business hours be changed from the default to something more realistic to your work schedule.
  3. Next, below Work Information you'll find a section labeled Computer Maintenance, Click it.
  4. Put a check mark in the first box ("Automatically install or uninstall...") by clicking it.





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