How to navigate the Knowledge Base and/or Submit a Ticket


How to get to the Knowledge Base, search through it, and find Help.



How to get to the Knowledge Base, look through, and request help of any kind. 



How to find and get to the SCSU Knowledge Base: 

1. Go to the SCSU main website

2. On the middle of the footer at the bottom of the page, please click Ask St. Cloud State University or go to 

3. Sign in at the top right to make sure you can see all possible articles. If already signed in, you'll see your name as is below here.

4. Click on the button to Search Knowledge Base (FAQ)

5. The Knowledge Base is full of articles on various issues and processes in the listed categories.

How to search through the Knowledge Base efficiently: 

1.  There are many ways to search through the KB. The first would be simply to try the search bar and get as specific as you can. For example, if you're looking for something related to email, simply searching email will end up with over 300 results. However, if you're email is locked, searching email locked will put those articles right at the top. Using 1-4 words for your search here will help you the best you can and even if it doesn't help you find what you're looking for, it can be a great start because....

2. If you can find an article that's even tangentially related to your search, you may be able to find it through the related articles section. Nearly every article on the Knowledge Base has articles linked that are related to the topic of each article, so you can use this section as a way to help boost your search. The related article section will always be on the side of each article like below. If that doesn't work, going through the tags on an article may also help find other articles in a similar vein. Tags are the keywords listed right under the title in red. 

3. Before reaching out for help if unable to find an article related to what you're looking for, you can also look through the knowledge base the manual way through the various categories. All the categories of the knowledge base have their sub-categories, and some of the sub-categories even have their own sub-categories to help you when you're trying to find something very specific. Here is an example of how Computing and Technology is ordered below. You may be able to find what you're looking for by narrowing it down it to the proper area and just looking through all available articles. 

How to request help or report issues to the proper service:

1. If you are unable to find an article related to a certain topic or you simply need to put in a request or get help, you'll likely want to make your way to the Service Catalog. You can get here at any time by clicking Services on the red banner line near the top. This will bring you to a page where you can find services for departments such as Human Resources, University Communications, Public Safety, and Information Technology Services. You may need to sign into this site to see and request specific services. 

2. Click Computing and Technology to find several categories to request different types of services or instructions. The following are some common options:



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