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List of telework resources and links
Making a request for campus phone support
Employees can customize their Zoom Phone call handling and voicemail settings, including their voicemail greeting, from the Minnesota State Zoom web portal. This article covers some of the key settings related to call handling and voicemail.
Employees using a physical phone with the Zoom Phone service can set a voicemail pin to check voicemails using the physical phone. This article describes provides instructions for viewing, setting and resetting voicemail PINs on Zoom Phones from the Minnesota State Zoom web portal.
Employees can manage voicemails on their Zoom Phone through the Zoom desktop application. Employees using a physical phone can also use the physical phone to manage their voicemails. This article describes how employees will be notified of voicemails through their SCSU email and Zoom desktop application, and provides instructions for managing voicemails using the Zoom desktop application and physical phones.
How to install the voicemail plugin for Outlook (Windows)