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Microsoft Teams, available through Microsoft Office 365, is a collaboration hub for St. Cloud State University Faculty, staff, and students where all conversations, meetings, files, and notes can be accessed by everyone, all in one place. This article is intended to help users understand how to utilize many features of Microsoft Teams. 


What's new in Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Support

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Instructions for using many features of Teams are shared below. If you need additional training, please submit a training request


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Teams Overview

Microsoft Teams Training

Microsoft Teams for Education quick start guide for IT Admins

Best practices for school leaders creating teams and channels

Learn about teams and channels

Accessing Teams

Sign in to Teams - (fac/staff) / (students)

Ways to Create a Team

Choose a team type

Create a team for classes

Create a team for staff

Ways to Join a Team


  1. Login to Teams out on on any web browser with your Star ID credentials.

  2. Click the waffle icon in the top right corner.
  3. Locate Microsoft Teams from the drop-down.
  4. If you do not see Microsoft Teams, click the All apps arrow link at the top right of the menu to see more.
  5. You can also download the Microsoft Teams app from your device's app store if on a mobile device. If you are on a State device:
    1. For Windows, see our knowledge base article Software Center.
    2. For a MAC, see our knowledge base article Updating Applications through SCSU Self Service for Mac

Find and join a team

Use a link or code to join a team

Create a link or a code for joining a team

Accept or deny requests to join a team

Leave a team

Team Management

View all of your teams

Find your class team's settings

Team owner, member, and guest capabilities

Add members to a team

Add a co-teacher to a class team

Remove a co-teacher from a class team

Add a student to a class team

Remove a student from a class team

Manage team settings and permissions

Delete a class team

Show or hide a team or channel

Add content and notes to a team

Use @mentions to get someone's attention

Teams Channel Notifications

Manage notifications

Notify the entire class and post announcements

Customize channel notifications

Check a channel for notifications

Delete a channel

Teams Chat/Group/Call

Start a chat

Group Chats

How do I add a Chat with me in Teams or my Bookings link to my email signature?

Start Teams Group Chats with Distribution Lists, Groups, and Tags

Use the Conversation tab

Set up groups and teams

Call forwarding, call groups, and simultaneous ring

Using virtual background images in Teams video meetings
Change your background for a Teams meeting (must meet system requirements to use)

  • Add custom images (png) to the following locations to make available as backgrounds:
    • Windows: In a file explorer window, browse to or enter: C:\Users\
    • Mac: In a file explorer window, browse to or enter: /users/
  • Download SCSU-themed backgrounds

Team Owners

Make someone a team owner

Change moderator roles and settings in a channel

Add guests to a team

Set guest permissions for channels

Remove someone from a team

Manage team settings and permissions

Restrict students from creating class teams in Microsoft Teams

Make a public team private

Renew a team

Archive or restore a team

Delete a team

Organizing tasks in Teams

Use Planner in Microsoft Teams

Teams linked Notebooks

Use OneNote staff notebook

Use OneNote class notebook

Set up a class notebook in Teams using existing content


Microsoft Teams Quick Guide

Roles and permissions

Get organized with channels

First things to know about channels

Get started with teams and channels (video)

Create a standard or private channel in Teams

Send a message to a channel

Work with files

First things to know about files

Collaborate on files in Teams

File storage in Teams

Tips for Teams files

Meet in Teams

Meetings in Teams (view a list of topics)

Start an instant meeting

Record a meeting in Teams

Productive meeting tips playlist






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