How to install the Outlook CX-E 9 Voicemail Plugin


Voice mails will be delivered to your email inbox as .wav file attachments. You will need to install the XMedius CX-E 9 plug-in from Software Center if you want to control the playing of the message from within the email window itself.




The CX-E 9 plug-in is for Windows computers only (Check out 'Option 2' in the How to Listen to your Voicemail Messages link to learn how to listen to voicemail messages on MAC Computers)


From your Windows computer


  1. Close Outlook.
  2. From your computer search window in the bottom left side of your screen, type “Software Center”. It should appear, click it.
  3. Select XMedius CX-E 9
  4. Click Install.
  5. Upon completion, reopen Outlook.
  6. In the top right corner of Outlook, click on Connection Manager, enter your 5 digit extension/mailbox number and the password you set upon initializing your mailbox over the phone.

If nothing happens when you click on Connection Manager, restart your computer.

  1. When you've reached the screen below, Please re-enter your 5 digit extension in the phone extension box.
  2. Call your number and leave a voice mail message
  3. You will receive a new email from CXE Voice Mail.  Open the email and you should see the email populated with the player



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