How do I Create a New Supplemental Account


How to create a new supplemental account



What is a supplemental account?

  • Departments, centers, programs and student organizations can request a supplemental account for access to file/web space, D2L Brightspace, wireless network, library proxy, MNPALS, Cascade/web editing access and more.
  • Student organization accounts need to be requested and managed by their faculty/staff adviser.
  • Faculty/staff are responsible for activity that occurs under the supplemental accounts assigned to them.
  • If email is needed with an account, please check the Shared Mailbox option when requesting the account.
    • Note email is set up separately and will come in a different email sent to the requester when this set up is completed. 
  • Student employees and graduate assistants, that need access to Cascade for editing departmental web sites, will need to use a supplemental account including "local account" and "shared mailbox" services. (Cascade access is not available directly through student employee accounts.)


** Remote/Off-campus access: Users must be connected through Direct Access (Windows) or VPN (Mac) to use this application from off campus. **

To log into a computer using the supplemental account

  • Accounts created after August 2019, use SCSU-"account name" to login.
  • Accounts created prior to August 2019, continue to use "account name" to login.

To request a new supplemental account

  1. Login to Supplemental Account Maintenance using your StarID and StarID password. This person will be the owner of this supplemental account and will be able to reassign it to others or reset the password as necessary.
  2. Click Request New Account button


Fill out form accordingly

Request New Account screenshot

  • Please note the suggested account name can not contain spaces. Suggested account name is the log in name to the computer. If email is needed, this account name is also used for the email address.
  • Limited to 15 characters.
  • Check I have read this statement box and click submit when complete.

This page will submit a request for a new supplemental account. This account will be granted wireless Internet access, library proxy & more here at St. Cloud State. Optionally, you can also get file space specifically for this account. Please allow two business days for processing. This form is to be completed by faculty and staff requesting access to technology resources.





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