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How to install software or updates to my office computer's applications
You can enable/disable Do Not Disturb (DND) and change your DND settings for your Zoom Phone through the Zoom desktop application.
Zoom phone offers call transfer features that allow phone users to transfer calls and use preferred transfer methods through the Zoom desktop application.
Zoom Phones offers St. Cloud State employees the ability to make and receive calls using their work computer, their mobile phone and more. This article describes the instructions for making a call on an employee's Zoom Phone from an SCSU-issued work computer.
How much is the application fee?
How to check the status of your undergrad graduation application
Information on changing your graduation date/term
How and when to apply for graduation
List of Office 365 applications available to student workers
Can I update my application?
Including income and tax information on your FAFSA.
How to pin an application to the taskbar or desktop on Windows 10
What to do to apply for my federal loan
Dependent students with questions about which parent's information is required on the FAFSA.