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  • Remote Desktop Service (RDS Web) 
    • This is a web-based access tool that has been created so that those that do not have an office computer on campus to remote into can still access services like Uniface (ISRS), eServices applications (ARSA, SEMA4, SCUPPS) and is needed if you do not have an Access Point (AP) that was sent home with you to add to your networking. 
    • Audience: Targeted solution for users with sensitive data users. 
    • Requirements: Must access the Remote Desktop Connection from a University managed devices connected to campus via DirectAccess or VPN. 
  • Direct Access (DA) 
    • This is a secure connection that allows Windows 10 University managed devices to securely connect to the campus network. While enabled, the computer can connect to all and applications, including Department Files, and Admin Files, office printers, and Software Center. Direct Access also allows software and security updates while the computer is off-campus. 
    • Audience: All Windows 10 University managed devices. 
    • Requirements: Windows 10 operating system. 
    • Limitations: Access to EPM11 and some state services are currently not available. Please use Remote Desktop Services for access to secured services.  
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) 
    • VPN is primarily used on Macs to access campus resources like Dept. Files and Admin Files, printers, and other on-premises resources.  
    • Audience: Off-campus Mac OS and other non-Windows 10 University managed devices. 
    • Requirements: Current operating system. 
    • Limitations: A limited number of VPN licenses are available. Windows computers should connect using Direct Access instead of VPN.
  • Remote Desktop Connection 
    • This is a connection between a laptop/mobile device and a computer that is physically still on campus. Your technician may set up a desktop computer for you to remote into so you can work as though you were in your office. 
    • Audience: Targeted solution for employees that need more services than available via Direct Access, VPN, and Remote Desktop Services. 
    • Requirements: Must access the Remote Desktop Connection from a University managed device connected to campus via DirectAccess or VPN. 
    • Limitations: A limited number of physical desktops have been deployed. Each employee will use two computers; a desktop and a laptop.
  • AppsAnywhere/Campus Desktop – provides current students with access to software from a personal device. 
    • Audience: Current students 
    • Requirements: Any computer or tablet running Windows 8 or newer, Mac OS 10 or newer. 
    • Limitations:  We have limited resources for this service, and we want to reserve all resources for students. Faculty and staff are expected to use one of the other options to access software or services while off-campus.  


  • Remote access connections enable users to work at home or on the road to access a server on a private network using the infrastructure provided by a public network, such as the Internet.
  • Solutions include advanced security technologies such as data encryption, authentication, authorization, and Network Access Quarantine Control.


  • Available to faculty, staff, and some student employees.
  • Student employees must have their supervisor submit the request.  
  • A state-owned computer or device is required for access to secure applications. 


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