How to Request Access to AdminFiles and/or DeptFiles for new hires


How do I request access to admin files, department files and/or network printers?

How can I remove access to these for someone who has left SCSU?


This form is for requesting access or removal of access to administrative or departmental network folders. Please use this request form for new employees, transferring employees, and employees who leave SCSU.

Download and complete this request form.

2. After completing the form, sign it and send the form to your college or campus technician or

  • Please complete a separate form for each employee using the employee’s StarID.
  • Please note that authorized access to these folder(s) is for work-related or business use only.
  • When an employee leaves or transfers to a different department, access to the folders must be removed.
  • Student employees will not get access unless they are using a supplemental or a shared account. We cannot grant access to a student employee if they are using their StarID.

Additional Information

  • Supervisors can submit a request for the following: 
    • Create a new shared drive root folder
    • Access to an existing shared drive folder
    • Revoke access to a shared drive folder
    • Modification to allow a department to self-manage permission to folders
    • Request access to IT-hosted services, systems or data for new or existing employees
    • ​​Get assistance with access issues or questions. 
    • Request modification or removal of access to technology services, systems or data
    • Request additional time for existing but temporary access
  • Many supervisors can manage permission to network folders or shared mailboxes via the Group Management Tool & Self-Service Portal
  • Folder permissions control the level of access a user has to the contents of a top-level folder and its subfolders.
  • Permission is granted to top-level folders only and is inherited by subfolders.
  • Permission cannot be granted directly to subfolders. If you need to give exclusive access to a current subfolder, the subfolder will be converted to a top-level folder.
  • Supervisors or data owners may submit these requests. If the individual needing access sends in a request, their supervisor will be contacted for approval.


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