Create an Email Rule in Outlook Web Access (OWA)


Below are the steps to setup rules within Outlook on Web Access via Office 365. You must be logged in to see the steps. Log into Office 365 online with your StarID and password.


Classic (Old) Outlook on Web

  1. Click on Settings (Wheel icon in the upper right corner) and then Mail from drop down under your app settings
  2. Under Mail on the left, click under Automatic Processing and then Inbox and Sweep Rules from the menu
  3. Click on the plus sign under Inbox Rules to create a new rule from scratch or the arrow directly to its right to choose from a basic template
  4. The New Inbox Rule window will open. Here you can choose what types of actions to apply to which types of messages. The individual choices is beyond the scope of this article, but is described in the link Inbox Rules in Outlook Web App .
  5. After creating the rule, click on OK


New Outlook on Web

  1. Click on Settings (Wheel icon in the upper right corner) > View all Outlook Settings (At the bottom of the settings pane)
  2. Click Rules > Add new rule
  3. Enter the name of the rule. Select an option for add a condition and add an action 
  4. Click Save at the top.


Note: Compared to Microsoft Office Outlook 2016, rules options in Outlook Web Access are limited. Outlook Web Access has basic rule functionality that allows you to move, copy, delete, mark, forward, redirect, or send messages based on sender, keywords, size, and date.




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