Primary Email in Outlook vs. StarID



What if my primary email in Outlook does not match the one on my StarID Self-Service?




If the primary address displayed in Outlook client doesn’t match the primary address you indicated in StarID Self Services, you must follow the steps below.


    Office 365 Contact                                                                  


    Outlook Client  (Outlook Application on desktop)

Steps to Correct

Timing of data replication impacts this process; therefore before proceeding to the steps below, send yourself a test email. If:

  • The test email IS from the preferred email address you indicated in the StarID Self-Service website, please proceed to Step 1 below
  • The test email IS NOT from the preferred email address you indicated in the StarID Self-Service website, please wait 2 hours and send yourself another test


  1. Close Outlook   
  2. Access Control Panel
    1. In the lower left-hand corner of your screen, enter ‘Control Panel’ into the ‘Type here to Search field
    2. Select the Control Panel option
  3. Access Mail 32-bit
  4. When the control panel launches, enter Mail in the search control panel box in the upper right-hand corner search box
  5. Double click Mail (32-bit)
  6. Select Show Profiles
  7. When the Mail Setup-Outlook box opens, select Show Profiles
  8. Remove all old profiles
  9. For each of the profiles listed, select the profile and then select Remove until the box is empty

Note: If you receive the “Careful, if you remove this profile….” Box, select Yes

  1. Once the profile box is empty, select OK
  2. Launch Outlook & Enter New Profile
  3. When the New Profile box appears, enter ‘Shared Tenant’
  4. In the email address field remove your St. Cloud State email address and enter your new Office365 login
  • Employees/Emeriti:
  • Students:
  1. Enter your password
  2. Click Next

  1. Upon completion of configuration, select Finish
  2. Confirm Primary Email is displayed


Confirm both Office365 Contact & Outlook display the same primary email address






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