Resetting your StarID password


How to reset your StarID password




How to reset your StarID password



To change or reset your StarID password, follow these instructions:

  • Visit the StarID self service page
  • Select the Reset my Password link
  • Select one of the options shown on your screen
    • If you need a verification code generated for you please contact HuskyTech at for various methods of communication.
    • You can also use the I know my Email Address, enter your email that is associated as your primary email to StarID.
      • You must have access to this email as MinnState will email you the code.

  • Click Continue

  • If you have answered Security Questions it will populate those questions before proceeding to the password reset to verify your identity

  • Enter your new password once you have passed your questions

  • Please acknowledge the terms and conditions before selecting the Set Password button


NOTE: If you have a special character at the end or the beginning of your password and are having issues logging into various services. Please reset your password avoiding the special character at the beginning or end of your new password.  Rather, place the special character near the middle.

**If you have forgotten your password or it expired, you may reset your password by following the expired password or forgot password link at StarID Self Service.

***If your password is expired and you can not use the self service, you will need to contact HuskyTech. 


NOTE: You are encouraged to reset your password on campus if possible. 


  • Being on campus makes the process a bit easier as you do not rely on a connection back to campus resources (Direct Access (DA), VPN, or “Office Connect” wireless access point). 
  • If off campus with DA/VPN/Office Connect, then you would change the password, lock your computer, and then unlock your computer using the new password (DO NOT sign out or restart).
  • If you do not have DA/VPN/Office Connect, then you must bring your computer back to campus and connect it to our network prior to changing your StarID password.


  • The Macs that were sent off campus currently typically use local accounts so the StarID password change will only impact StarID-related services (any app/services using SSO such as O365, OneDrive, etc).
  • If you have a Mac off-campus which you sign on using your StarID and password, then you must bring your computer back to campus and connect it to our network prior to changing your StarID password.





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