Access a Shared Mailbox on Outlook for Mac



How do I set up my Mac Outlook application for Shared Mailbox access?


Note: For those using Outlook 2019, you will need to turn off the new Outlook option in the top-right to manage one's Shared Mailboxes. Shared Mailboxes are currently not supported in the new Outlook for the time being. You can read more about this change and how to turn on/off new Outlook here: 

First ensure that the owner of the mailbox you are accessing has shared their mailbox with you.

Steps to access a Shared Mailbox if you are using Outlook on a Mac

  1. With Microsoft Outlook open, choose File from the menu bar, then choose Open and click Other User’s Folder.
  2. In the search box that appears, type the full email address. For example,
  3. Once the search results have populated, choose the type of item you are attempting to access.
  • If you are accessing another person’s email inbox (If you are a delegate for their mail) leave the folder type as Inbox.
  • If you are accessing a shared calendar, change the folder type to Calendar.
  • If you are accessing someone’s shared Contacts, change the folder type to Contacts.
  1. Once you have made your selection, the system will check for the appropriate permissions. If you have the appropriate permissions, the item will be populated in your Outlook account. 
  2. When Outlook performs the initial sync of this data you may see a popup that says 'Outlook was redirected to the server'; to get new settings for your account, check the box that  says  'Always use my response for this server', then select Allow.




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