Graduate Studies

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Acceptable English Proficiency Scores

English Proficiency scores accepted

Awarding additional master’s degrees or certificates

Can I do more than one degree at a time?

Check the status of your application for graduate admission

How do I check the status of my graduate application?

Checking the arrival of test scores

Did you get my test scores?

Completion of Bachelor's Degree and Admission

If I have not completed my bachelor’s degree, can I still apply?

Conditional Admission

What does conditional admission mean?

Cost of Tuition

How much is tuition?

Determining your Graduate Program

What degrees do you have?

Doctoral Programs

What doctoral degrees does SCSU have?

Eligibility for Application Fee Waiver

How much is the application fee?

Eligibility for Graduate School

What are the requirements for Graduate School admissions?

Financial Assistance for International Students

Is there any financial aid for international students?

Graduate Certificates

What graduate certificates are available at SCSU?

Graduate Student Population

How many students are in the graduate school?

Graduate Studies Office Location

Where is the School of Graduate Studies located?

Letter of Recommendation

How do I request a recommendation?


What kind of licensure is available at SCSU?

Masters Degrees

What Masters programs does SCSU have?

Minimum credit load required for Graduate Assistantships

What is the minimum required credit load for being a Graduate Assistant?

Official Transcripts

Are official transcripts required?

Provisional Admission Hold

Provisional Admission Hold for Graduate Students

Required Application Materials for Graduate Admission

What is the information needed to apply for graduate studies?

Transcripts Required for Graduate School Admission

What transcripts do I have to send to apply for graduate school?

Waiving the GRE/GMAT

Do I have to take the GRE/GMAT?