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Academic Software request

Request software for an academic lab or classroom

Admissions Questions

Ask about applying, admission requirements, application deadlines, cost, scholarships, transfer credits and more

Advising and Orientation Questions

Ask about academic advising, orientation, satisfactory academic progress, degree audit reports, registration for classes and more

Assistance for Customers Who Cannot Sign In

Customers who do not have a StarID, or who cannot sign into services using their StarID, can use this form to request information or report a technology issue.

Assistance for Former Employees

Request assistance after departing from St. Cloud State University.

Assistance with Applying for SCSU Positions

Request information about working for St. Cloud State University.

Assistance with Other HR Questions

Former Employees, New Employees, Customers who do not have a StarID, or Customers who cannot sign into services using their StarID, can use this form to request information.


Bargaining Unit/Union and Schedule Questions

Request information about bargaining units/unions, Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), work shifts, scheduling and overtime.

Benefits/Compensation Questions

Request information about benefits and/or compensation.

Billing and Payments Questions

Ask Questions about important billing & payment dates, cost of attending SCSU, your student account, third-party benefits and more

Bring Huskies Home

Request an appointment for IT assistance in setting up your work computer. This includes scheduling time for assistance moving technology, getting technology setup at your campus workstation or other general technical support for state-owned equipment. Please schedule the appointment with a minimum of a 4 hours’ notice before you arrive on campus.


Captioning Request

Captions help students who are hard of hearing, improve comprehension for English Language Learners and those with cognitive challenges, and support viewing in sound-sensitive environments.  To request captions for instructional materials for fall semester 2020 or spring semester 2021, please fill out the online captioning request form ( or contact for more information.

Career Center Questions

Ask about major decision, resume writing, internships, jobs, career preparation and other career-related topics

Center for Continuing Studies Questions

Ask about customized training, conferences, events, professional development, lifelong learning, traffic safety education and more

Classroom or Meeting Space Support

Installed A/V equipment in not functioning properly in a university classroom or meeting space or you have general questions about how to operate the equipment.

Course Design Consultation Request

Request support for the use of teaching and learning technology and sound pedagogical principles to design in-person, online and hybrid courses.


Data Integration Request

Request data be integrated into an application or data warehouse used at St. Cloud State University.

Digital Form Automation Request

Request the creation of electronic forms, workflows, reports and/or business process improvement through digitalization.


Employee Training Requests

Request information about or assistance with employee training.

Employment Verification Requests

Request assistance with verifying employment for a current or former St. Cloud State University employee.


Facilities Management Project Request

Request a new project that requires Facilities Management coordination.

Faculty and Staff Computer Set up

Request an appointment for IT assistance in setting up your work computer. This includes scheduling time for assistance moving technology, getting technology setup at your campus workstation or other general technical support for state-owned equipment. Please schedule the appointment with a minimum of a 4 hours’ notice before you arrive on campus.

Financial Aid Questions

Ask about eligibility and applying for financial aid, completing the FAFSA, types of aid, and student loan management


Graduate Studies Questions

Ask about graduate student services and resources, how to apply for admission and more


Hiring Process Questions

Request information about or assistance with SCSU hiring processes.


Independent Contractors and Volunteer Questions

Request information about independent contractors and volunteers.

International Admissions Questions

Ask about applying, admission requirements, application deadlines, cost, scholarships, transfer credits, English language requirements and more

ITS Enhancement Request

Request a change or enhancement to an existing business application or service.

ITS Project Request

Request a new project, custom business application, LEAN facilitation, or other large initiative requiring IT coordination. IT project requests are collaboratively and strategically prioritized with campus constituents, especially academic and administrative leadership, to ensure we best meet the needs of our campus community. Approved project requests will be managed by an IT project manager and will include the steps required to effectively complete the project, including but not limited to: Project consultation, business analysis, architecture and security review, project management coordination, communications and more.


Knowledge Base

Find helpful articles and answers about SCSU services using the searchable Knowledge Base.


Leave/FMLA/ADA Questions

Request information about leave, Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and/or the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).


Multimedia / Graphics Signage Request

Request graphic design for courses, publications, presentations, poster sessions or electronic presentations.


New Employee Orientation and Questions

Request information about being newly employed at St. Cloud State University.


Online & Distance Learning Questions

Ask about the resources available to faculty and students to prepare for online education

Other HR questions

Request assistance with HR-related questions not already listed within the list of HR services.

Other Questions for University Communications

Get connected with the University Communications team regarding questions or inquiries

Other SCSU Questions

Contact SCSU for non-emergency questions or requests not related to computing and technology, human resources or student services

Other/General Question for Student Services

Get help from SCSU Student Services


Payroll Issues

Request assistance with payroll issues (e.g. missing paycheck).

Personnel Management Questions

Request information about or assistance with personnel management.

Preferred Name Change Request

Request a modification to your Preferred Name

Prospective Employee Questions

Request information about employment and benefits at St. Cloud State University.

PSEO/Senior to Sophomore (CIS) Questions

Ask about eligibility requirements, applications, registration, advising, orientation and more


Records & Registration Questions

Ask about undergraduate admissions processing, student records, enrollment and degree verifications, diplomas, course schedule information, course registration, transfer credit evaluation, veterans' educational benefits, teacher licensure application processing, the interactive degree audit and more

Remote Access Request

Request remote access to secure applications or services, or request assistance with connecting to secure applications while off-campus.

Report a Technology Problem

Report a technology issue with software, wifi, devices, etc., or request information from HuskyTech/Information Technology Services.
Report an IT service that is not working properly, including a service that appears broken or a reduction in the quality of an IT service.

Report An Information Security Incident

Report an IT security issue or event such as phishing, virus, scams, suspected hacking of account, etc. For confidential matters, please submit a ticket for "Request IT Security Assistance for Confidential Matters".

Request IT Security Assistance for Confidential Matters

Request IT security assistance for confidential matters including but not limited to investigations, litigation, hold requests, compliance (HIPAA, PCI, etc.), requests for confidential information

Request a Development or Semesterless Course Shell in D2L Brightspace

Request a blank course shell for a group, training or other need. Courses in ISRS with an assigned instruction will automatically have a D2L course shell created for that course and do not need a request.

Request a Guest Login

Request a guest login be created for a seminar, training or other event with non-SCSU faculty, staff or student presenters, or attendees requiring credentials to use on campus technology. As an alternative, SCSU Public Wi-Fi is available.

Request Assistance with Campus Card

For information or account management related to your Campus Card, please visit the Campus Card webpage (

Request Assistance with StarID Activation or Password

For account management related to your StarID, including StarID activation and password changes, please visit Minnesota State's StarID website

If you are unable to sign into the StarID portal, contact the Minnesota State IT Service Desk at (877) 466-6728 or to generate a validation code for you to get you back into your account. You can also contact HuskyTech at

Request Combination of Multiple Sections into One Course

To request the combination of mulitple course sections into one D2L Brightspace course, use the Course Request application (

Request Information

Request information or advice related to information technology services at SCSU.

Request IT Kiosk Set-Up

Request setup of customer-facing computer in a public space with limited functionality allowing restricted access to specific websites or applications.

Request MFA Token

Request a physical MFA Token

Request Office Technology Move

Request the move and setup of computers, printers, accessories, phones and other technology equipment to another location.

Request or Modify Access to Service, System or Data

Request access to IT-hosted services, system, data, or shared mailbox; or get assistance with access issues or questions. Request modification or removal of access to technology services, systems or data.

Request Shared Mailbox

Request a shared mailbox (SCSU email account that can be used by multiple people).

Request Software (Personal)

Access most academic software for personal use online through "On the Hub" ( Sign-in to "On the Hub" with your StarID and password. Other software options are listed on

Request Software (University)

Initiate a request to obtain software using University funds and/or to be used on University-owned devices. This includes free software that will be used on University-owned devices. Include software request process information.

Request Supplemental Account

Request a supplemental account (includes department files space and Wi-Fi capabilities that can be used by multiple people).

Request Technology Hardware or Accessories (Personal)

Order technology for personal use through HuskyTech's online store (

Request Technology Hardware or Accessories (University)

Initiate a request to purchase technology hardware (e.g. computers, monitors) or technology accessories (e.g. wireless headset or microphone) using University funds.

Request Technology Pickup or Delivery

Request the retrieval of University-owned technology equipment from an on-campus location. University-owned equipment can also be dropped off in HuskyTech (Miller Center 102). Unfortunately, we are unable to pickup technology from an off-campus location. During the COVID-19 pandemic, returns for checked out equipment may be feasible via shipping return in certain circumstances.

Request Training from IT Services

Request training from IT services. IT can provide training on a range of services, including but not limited to: Security awareness, software, teaching and learning technologies, project management/Agile and LEAN.

Request wired network port

Request new wired network port or request for a network port to be moved to a different area in the office.

Residential Life Questions

Ask about on campus housing options, meal plans and daily living on campus at SCSU

Retirement Questions

Request information about retirement from St. Cloud State University.

Room Upgrade Request

Request a technology upgrade to a conference room, classroom, auditorium, or event space from IT.


Schedule a Walk-Through

Schedule a walk-through of the equipment with one of our Media Service technicians before your class or event to ensure you are comfortable with the technology that is offered in the room.

SCSU-Announce/SCSU-Discuss Subscription Change Request

Subscribe or unsubscribe to SCSU-Announce or SCSU-Discuss lists at your convenience. Instructions are available at

Social Media Account Registry

Submit information regarding St. Cloud State University's social media accounts

Software Installation Request

Request the installation of software to be used on a University-owned device. For your convenience, faculty and staff can easily download and manage many software applications through a software management system already available on your University-owned computers (Software Center for Windows, and SCSU Self-Service for Mac computers).

Student Employment Questions

Ask about applying for student jobs at SCSU, graduate assistantships, work study, payroll, timesheets, policies and more

Submit a Story

Send University Communications a tip or lead for a story

Submit Feedback on IT Services

We want to hear from you! Let us know how we're doing - what are we doing well, and what can do to improve IT services at SCSU?


Tuition Waiver Questions

Request information about tuition waivers.


University Email List (Listserv) Creation or Modification Request

Request a new group email distribution list that pulls from a data source (e.g. ISRS), or a change to an existing list.


Web or Software Usage Analytics

Request usage analytics for SCSU-hosted web services and applications.

Website Content Change Request (

Request a change to information on St. Cloud State University's public website.

Wi-Fi/Network Request

Request Wi-Fi in a new area, access from the internet to an internal IT system, or activate a port in order to connect your computer to the internet via Ethernet cable.

Workers Compensation Questions

All work-related injuries must be reported to the employee's supervisor or by contacting Human Resources at 320-308-3203 within 24 hours of the date/time of the injury, at which time the supervisor, along with the injured employee, will need to complete the Incident/Injury/Illness Data Form (IDF) and the Supplemental Details Form.

If the injury is critical, call 911 (9-911 from campus phones).

If the injury is life-threatening or fatal, Human Resources must be notified immediately. If you cannot reach a Human Resources representative, contact Public Safety at 320-308-3333 immediately.